Apetit’s values – Responsible operations, Bold renewal and Success through cooperation – were determined during a joint process that started in summer 2017. The themes that arose from the value discussion reflect aspects included in the day-to-day work at Apetit: responsibility towards customers, other people and the environment; a desire for renewal and for investing in professional skills; and succeeding together in a culture that offers equal opportunities for all.

Responsible operations

  • Customers, consumers and growers can trust our word
  • Quality and safety guide all of our decisions: we produce pure, tasty, sustainable food
  • We take responsibility for people, equality, the environment and our work


Bold renewal

  • We want to stay one step ahead
  • We boldly renew our operations and thinking
  • We invest in the continuous development of our professional skills


Success through cooperation

  • We are proud of our expertise, results and profitability as a team
  • Together, we will become number one in vegetables
  • We are goal-oriented, encourage one another and create a culture of success together